Luke Archer's first original EP is now available!

Luke Archer’s smooth, rich vocals intertwined with pop/R&B bring a fresh flavor to the genre. His slick sound is the product of top trainers in Los Angeles and a vast range of lifelong influences, from his upbringing in Sinatra-era classics to his recent years of immersion in the mainstream pop world. 

In 2018, Luke released his first solo EP, The Edge, in which he explored an array of relationship turning points and managed to tell each story with clever lyrics and in vastly different fashion. 

“The Edge has pushed me in the best ways. It let me run in all directions with a theme—write from different perspectives, take on new personas, but do it in my own way. Each song really is its own beast. I’ve worked with some of the best in the business to develop a great sound and work my way all around the genre, and I’m thrilled with where we ended up.”

His recent years as a Los Angeles local are in stark contrast to his Midwestern small-town roots, but a karaoke machine at age 9 is all he needed to drive him to a life of music. He began taking on any performing opportunities he could get, whether it be weddings, competitions, or musicals, and life quickly pulled him to California to take his career to the next level.

After the big move, he began gigging around Hollywood, session singing, and branching into the jingle and voiceover world as he prepared to launch his solo career.

"I've sung some pretty sensational jingles about garage door repair, plumbing, dentistry, and more, but I have to say--and I know how bold this sounds--my new music actually tops all of my previous work. It was also much more fun to create. But, I'll let you make the call."